Project Description

Insurance Agency Case Study

I assisted an Insurance agency several times once with an expansion and once with a move.  In the expansion, they were taking their two businesses that had been sharing a phone system and separating them to operate as two different businesses.

I was able to reduce their costs on their services from the local Service Provider by 43%.  By inventorying what they had been paying for, cancelling some services that were no longer needed or had not been using and utilizing technology to reduce their costs.

They are a Health Insurance agency and when Obamacare came out the business went nuts so by utilizing my services I could sit back objectively and see what we needed to keep and what to change or get rid of.

I coordinated with the phone vendor and Spectrum providing the circuits to get the best pricing and be sure all that was required was included.  I worked with their outsourced IT company to make sure we were all on the same page.    Once we had all the paperwork signed, I kicked into my Project Management role and coordinated with all the various vendors and their Project Managers to make sure everything would go smoothly.

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