Project Description

Certified Public Accountant Case Study

I am worked with a CPA who wanted to be able to work remotely but appear as if she is in her office and to easily communicate with office staff while working remote.  She is really into technology and has already set up her office for the data portion on a Cloud solution.  I sat down with her to talk about ideas to help her accomplish what she would like to do and went to work researching options for her.  She had a client give her a quote from someone they use but I wanted to provide some comparisons and research this company I had not heard of before.

There are some scenarios in her office that are a piece of cake when you have a phone system but can present challenges with VOIP via the Cloud.  I worked these out to confirm who could or could not provide this service.  When I weeded those out who will work for her, I offered them  the opportunity to present their services in person or via the phone and of course, I was there!  I ran a comparison spreadsheet so she could easily compare and make her decision.   Once she decided, I provided my Project Management services to deal with the various vendors and to let her focus on her business while I focused on getting the services ordered set up.  Based on my experience, I clarified things quickly and asked the right questions to make sure the project stayed on course.

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