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In today’s interconnected world, your customers expect more from you than ever before. But with so many tools and technology platforms and only so many hours in a day, it can be frustrating to manage the experience you want the deliver to your customers.

That’s why I help small businesses with multiple services, to give them more time back in their day and helping them provide a better experience for their clients. First off, to help to clear your schedule of mundane administrative tasks, I am offering my services as a Virtual Executive Assistant. What this means to you is I can sort through your emails, arrange tasks by urgency, do invoices, make calls to your clients, perform research, and just about anything you can imagine! Plus, you get the benefit of my 30 years’ experience in support that allows me to offer ideas and be a real team member.

Secondly, based on my expertise in Telecommunications, I can provide a better implementation of the latest communication technologies including VoIP to completely transform their customer and employee experience and increase their level of engagement with your brand.

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Melissa made the impossible project possible. Everything could not had gone any better. Melissa orchestrated the switch/transfer very well. Minimal down time. Her attention to detail even saved the company several thousands of dollars. This is the second opportunity I had working with Melissa and each time she was very professional and informative. I recommend if you are looking for a Project Manager she will exceed your expectation.

DILIA CINTRON, Operations Manager at The Health Insurance Store Inc.

I want to express my profound thanks to Melissa Albury for her leadership in Christ the King Lutheran Church’s Serving Commission. Her leadership has fueled enthusiasm and growth in the serving ministries of CTK in unprecedented ways. Not only is her organization and follow through outstanding, but also, her excitement is contagious. Members of the commission have stepped up and become leaders in their own right through Melissa’s example, bringing new ideas to the congregation and finding ways for all to participate. Melissa’s great work is breeding more great work.

Thank you, Melissa, for your ministry!

Kathryn Carroll, Pastor at Christ the King Lutheran Church

Melissa Albury was a system engineer with AVAYA, and has worked all the telephone switch upgrades, installations, call center, and remote installations since I took this position in 2005.She is a tremendous person to work with, a wealth of knowledge and resources for the AVAYA systems. She makes you feel as your part of the team, works closely so you have no surprises, and each installation, or project went very smoothly. She assisted whenever needed, with any question related to telephony, whether AVAYA related or not

Martin Tengowski, Hampton Roads, Base Communication Manager at Naval Computer Telecommunications Area Master Station

Melissa and I worked successfully together on Department of Defense business for almost 5 years. She was a direct report of mine for a long time on the engineering side and she is a “get it done” kind of employee. She takes on the toughest challenges and works through them very quickly to achieve a successful resolution. Top notch with customers, partners, and really takes care of the people on her team. Highly technical and very customer oriented.

David Volpone, Sales Engineering at Avaya

Melissa is a Systems Engineer who is fully engaged with her customers and account team.  She sees a project from what is required immediately and in the future viewing the requirements and what’s needed to be prepared from the starting point of the a proposal through to installation.  She wants to make sure to Avaya is prepared to deliver what is required and is often out in front of a situation to make sure it is cleared before it becomes an issue with her customers.

Mel Stolzenburg, Senior Manager - UC Solutions at Avaya Government Solutions

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Welcome to Melissa Albury Consulting !  I am excited to take my 25 years of experience in business and communications technology to empower business owners to be successful. From consulting and designing solutions to delivering the service; allowing my clients to focus on what they do best! My mission is to serve small and medium businesses who tend to be the ones wearing all the hats,  while trying to remain connected to why they started the business in the first place.   Let me be your advocate!








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